June 2024

If you ask an audience of people what is a chair, the most simple answer will be “Something that you sit on.” However this doesn’t really do justice to the essence of the chair as an inanimate object made for humans to sit on. Chairs belong to a set of categories or sets called “furniture” which includes other items with the same shape, function, or form. Chairs also come in a variety of shapes dimensions, shapes, and sizes to meet the needs of all human beings.

The board of directors is an governing body elected by shareholders to establish corporate policies and supervise the business. The structure of a Board may vary, and the bylaws of the company can affect the number of members as well as the frequency of their meetings, and how the election procedure is carried out. A board is typically comprised up of company insiders who are knowledgeable about the inner workings of an organization and competent individuals from outside who are knowledgeable in a related field.

The board is a strategic body which oversees the CEO’s actions in the pursuit of goals that are in line with the overall vision of the company. In critical times, when the CEO cannot be everywhere the board could act as an ointment and assist the company in navigating unfamiliar waters. A successful board requires a keen eye to find those with the right abilities and backgrounds who are committed to the mission of the organization. Maintaining a database of possible candidates is a great method of identifying the best candidate for the job.


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